Making the Most of Your Time By: Tracy Moudry

               Dealing with musicians constantly, I have come to know you guys beat to your own drum 24/7. Losing track of time is easy when you are focused on your project. However, these behaviors can be detrimental to your craft and your business. We value your time and do our best to ensure you get the most of every second you have purchased to record with us. If you show up late or unprepared, this impacts our ability to serve you. It’s not even just lateness that can have this negative impact. Arriving exactly on time can too. Remember that old saying where if you’re not 15 min early, you’re late? Yea… those old heads might have a point. When you show up late or exactly at your scheduled time, you waste valuable time as we download your instrumental tracks, adjust the microphone and other basic preparations that are vital to the high quality we offer. Part of being in the music business is anticipating these factors and their impact on time so you can optimize your recording session for making music rather than setting up. 

               To best optimize your time, come prepared. You can email us the instrumentals any time prior to your session. Having them early allows us to have them loaded and ready the moment you get here. No searching, transferring or downloading files. We also can have the tempo, a vocal key of the beat and a preselected microphone that is well suited for the session picked out and ready to record. These things might only take a few moments to do. But how many of us have been in that booth with the clock ticking down those final mins and you’re forced to buy an extra few mins or risk losing that vibe you were in? Minutes matter. Additionally, know your lyrics. Practice them. If you are stumbling on lyrics or pitches at home, you need more practice and may want to postpone your recording session until you have them down. Do not be ashamed to seek help with vocal lessons or writing as these will make you more efficient during recording. Come rested and ready to work. Fatigue and lack of enthusiasm can be heard in your vocals and we will tell you to do it over. Be mindful of what you eat or drink the day of your sessions. Food and drinks can have adverse effects on your performance. This is the reason we don’t hand out cold drinks to our clients and discourage them from eating heavy meals prior to their sessions. Limit distractions. Cell phone notifications, calls, and side conversations with guests may cause you to lose focus and not be productive with your time. Finally, don’t be scared to ask questions and communicate with your engineer to get your desired sound. You don’t need to know the technical terms but help us help you by providing an example of what you’re looking for. Your engineer may come up with ideas but if you don’t like it or want something different just say so. Don’t waste your time trying something you aren’t interested in. We work for you, not the other way around.

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