The "Vibe" in the studio by: William Bowser

Why is the vibe so important in the studio?!

That is both an interesting question and an interesting train of thought, is it not? But let's explore that. The "vibe" or "mood" in the studio is for some the end all be all of recording music and making the best music one can make. So when you think of vibe is it more a feeling or is it more of one's ability to go to another mental space where creativity flows a bit more freely? Well in my experience it's actually all of the above. Shocker!!! But seriously, it's all of those trains of thought that lead to both a place where you can create and are allowed the freedom to do so unencumbered, thus making better and more "creative" decisions. This ultimately leads to people being more receptive to both critique and advice given on music, life, and one's interactions. You can say the "vibe" is almost as important if not more important than the space the vibe currently exist in with the people around to both bear witness and partake. 

Now what that vibe may be is completely up to you and your company your keeping but for most, it can make or break the session. I love catching that vibe with clients because then you feel like anything is possible. It's a feeling most may never know but to those who do it's something that can be seen in a head nod, a scrunched up face and poked out lips with the expression of "ooowwww". That's the vibe in my studio, what's the vibe in yours? Leave a comment and let's discuss it!

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