• Mixing
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We mix records for indie and major label artist. Come get your records sounding like they're ready to play in the big leagues.

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  • Mastering
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Mastering is the final polish, check and process a record gets before it's released an sent off to the world. Our go to mastering engineer is a multiple Gold, Platinum, and Grammy award winning engineer.

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Music Consultation (2 Hours)
  • Music Consultation (2 Hours)
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If you feel you're ready to move to the next level but you don't know what to do next then lets talk. I'll show you not just what to do but how to plan a proper release and see that first royalty/publishing check as well.

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Distribution Services
  • Distribution Services
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We will sign you up for all platforms, help you collect all your money through our partnerships with third party companies, set you up with material that will help further your career and even register your songs to help you chart on Billboard! We look out for you like nobody else!!!

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All Services are subject to sales tax (Maryland State Tax $0.06)

"No Refunds"

William Bowser, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter