The Engineers

William Bowser

Co-Owner | Recording Engineer | Mixing Engineer | Mastering Engineer | Recording Academy Voting Member 

My name is William Bowser and I am Co-owner of Quality Touch Studios, LLC. This studio was made with one main purpose in mind, giving…

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Matt Handy

Musician | Recording Engineer | Mixing Engineer

Growing up Matt had his start as a percussionist and then proceeded to drumming. Over the years Matt has played drums with multiple bands, genres ranging from jazz all the way to metal…

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Malcolm “SlimThaEngineer” Davis

Studio Manager | Recording Engineer | Mixing Engineer | Mastering Engineer

Malcolm Davis was born in NY and raised in Baltimore City. His journey in the recording industry started in 2011, interning for 2 years, and then managing for 2…

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Antonio Wayside

Recording Engineer | Mixing Engineer | Mastering Engineer | Music Producer 

My name is Antonio Wayside a recording/mixing engineer for Quality Touch Studios. Prior I was a recording engineer for the first privately owned HBCU, Wilberforce University. I have…

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