Malcolm “SlimThaEngineer” Davis

Studio Manager | Recording Engineer | Mixing Engineer | Mastering Engineer

Malcolm Davis was born in NY and raised in Baltimore City. His journey in the recording industry started in 2011, interning for 2 years, and then managing for 2 years at 210 Studios. 210 saw the likes of The Migos, Fat Trell, and Governor. After venturing in 2015 to Massachusetts in pursuit of starting a studio of his own, Slim eventually came back to Maryland and started working with long-time friend, William Bowser at the then recently founded Quality Touch Studios in 2017. In their first year, Slim was personally responsible for several radio records and worked with local and major label artists such as Lil Pump, Tre Morset, Chink Jones, and others. Today, Slim functions not only as one of Quality Touch’s top engineers but as its current studio manager. His credits extend to artists such as Chance The Rapper, Brian Fresco, REACEYUNG, Jean Feier, and many more. His philosophy is to approach every record and mix with a Kobe Bryant philosophy. Jobs Not Done.


Wammie - World Music 2022 (Little Flower - Jean Feier)


Founder of the Fire Ain't Free Podcast