My name is William Bowser and I am Co-owner of Quality Touch Studios, LLC. Located in Waldorf, MD. This studio was made with one main purpose in mind, giving artist a place they can feel comfortable recording while learning about the business side of the industry. Since opening in 2017 we have seen growth in both our clients and music area as a whole which has lead to new and exciting opportunities. Everything from major label work to Television voice overs can be done in our project studio while making sure you sound breath taking and stunning to all.

Our story begins with my 16 years of writing, recording, mixing, mastering and producing music. Over the years I have developed and honed my skill at making great records that both sound good and engage the listener. Through years of interning and training at big studio facilities with some of the best in our business I have helped develop a sound as well as a large stable of local and international artist. Being both a member of A.E.S. (Audio Engineering Society) and the Washington DC Chapter of the Grammy Committee has lead to both incredible meetings and placements for quite a few artist I work with.

Here at Quality Touch Studios, LLC we strive for you to be the best version of you to present to not just the world but your music community. We look forward to making your vision a reality and your today better than yesterday.

                                                        - William Bowser, Co-Owner/Head Engineer


Malcolm "Slim Chance" Davis is a beat maker, producer, and recording/mixing engineer from Nyack, NY. With a background and foundation already in music, Chanc3 began mentoring at IIX Studios in Accokeek, MD in 2013. He's worked with a variety of artists of different genres and prides himself in creating clean and fluid projects. Today he works at Quality Touch Studios with a variety of tools at his disposal to help provide professional services no matter the budget. Whether making beats or mixing down records, Slim's goal is to create music that is timeless and that you can and always WILL FEEL.

                                          -Malcolm "Slim Chance" Davis, Engineer/Producer